Videos on How to Write a Book

Enjoy these videos on how to write a book, get published, find time, break through blocks, stop procrastinating, write a bestseller and more.

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Stop Procrastinating and Get Started with Your Writing

Here’s a link to the Quick Start to Kick Start Your Book program I mention in the video.

How to Write a Book While Working Full Time and Raising Kids

How to Write a Bestseller

Do You Really Need a Literary Agent?

Do I Need to Write the Whole Book Before Approaching a Publisher?

Best Tips for Staying Focused and Making Progress on Your Book

Get Over Fear and Get Writing

Can Anyone Write a Book or Do You Need to Be Talented?

“Is it Even Worth Trying to Get a Publisher These Days?”

Book Writing Tips: Book Proposal Guidelines

Erik Qualman provides tips and insights from his successful KickStarter campaign for his terrific new book What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube.

Warning: technology SNAFU. Erik videotaped our interview on Crowdfunding for Authors and I found out just how humble he is–this bestselling author is super tiny (can you even see him?) as he answers my questions about Crowdfunding and I take up the whole screen. I couldn’t fix it and knew you’d want this important information.

So I apologize for the BIG Lisa and the small ERIK. Maybe close your eyes and just listen!