"How to Write a Book" Featured Author Interviews

Jennie Nash
Jennie Nash’s Blueprint for a Book has transformed my sense of overwhelm. Suddenly writing a novel feels more doable. Blueprint for a Book offers a detailed path, and a proven one, for getting from that initial inspiration to having a compelling novel that hangs together, that works. So, I’m especially excited to interview Jennie...Read More.
Suzanne Koven, MD
I met Dr. Suzanne Koven several years ago at Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing course before her writing career took off. I was thrilled to hear from her years later, and to learn that she’d written a book, Letter to a Young Female Physician, published by W.W. Norton & Company. This interview explore her journey into writing as a physician and lover of words. Read more...
Reagan Nevels
Teen author REAGAN B. NEVELS shares her insights and experiences in writing and publishing a motivational book. Get ready to be impressed by this young woman! Motivation for Writing a Book for Kids and Teenagers Simon: I loved reading your book, Why Wait? Your Time is Now!: Think. Write. Believe. Achieve. What inspired you...Read More...

This is the place for you if:

  • You are asking yourself, “Can I write a book?”
  • You have begun to write it but found yourself stuck or overwhelmed
  • You are well into the book-writing process but are looking for encouragement and inspiration
  • You are an experienced writer looking for a few tips to improve your writing process or are interested in engaging with a broader writing community

Every week “How to Write a Book” brings you author interviews with traditionally published and self-published authors of nonfiction and fiction, including memoir, self-help, how-to books, novels and more.

You will find interviews with famous and first-time authors, authors who have busy careers in other fields, and those for whom the writing of a book kicked off an entirely new career. These authors share information and insights, inspiration and practical tips about how to write a book, including:

  • How and why they decided to write their book(s)
  • The first steps they took before they even started writing
  • How they got clear on their book concept
  • How they created a book outline or structure
  • Their writing process
  • How they edited their book
  • How they overcame writing challenges
  • How they made their decision to self-publish or work to attract a traditional publisher (and book deal)
  • How they marketed their books
  • And other topics

Visit often! New interviews are added every week. You can engage the community by leaving comments and asking questions.

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Lisa Tener, Book Writing Coach


Why Author Interviews?

When I began my journey into book publishing, I did not know how to write a book. Sure, I’d taken writing classes in college, but I was unaware of the best writing strategies to get from idea to completed manuscript, or how to get that manuscript into the hands of a literary agent and, ultimately, a publisher.

It took time, research and hard work to achieve my goal, but I did it and was so proud when I finally held that first published book in my hands. I knew the lessons I’d learned about how to write and publish a book could ease the way for others with a great idea for a book but no idea how to move it forward. I began sharing my knowledge as a personal book-writing coach and as a teacher.

THIS website – “How to Write a Book” – is the result of my work with hundreds of authors and aspiring authors. It is intended to provide information and insight, inspiration and practical tips about how to write a book for:
  • People who are just starting to ask themselves, “Can I write a book?”
  • People who have begun to write a book but found themselves stuck or overwhelmed by the process
  • Writers who are well into the book-writing process but looking for a little encouragement and inspiration
  • Experienced writers looking for some new tips or interested in engaging with the broader writing community

I hope that “How to Write a Book” will become a valuable meeting place where experienced authors, newly published authors, aspiring authors and readers can connect and build community. I hope you will visit the site often to read new author interviews and to interact by leaving comments and questions.

Welcome to the journey.