Launching a second edition of Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers

Cover of Get 10,000+ Twitter FollowersLisa Tener: Wow, Second edition. When did you start thinking about a second edition and why?

Cathy Turney: This is actually the 4th edition. I promote it as the only Twitter book that’s updated regularly. Technology never stands still, and Twitter keeps changing the playbook.

The benefits of self publishing when revising a how-to book

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Lisa Tener: Would you say one of the beauties of being self published is that you can make changes to a book easily?

Cathy Turney: Absolutely! A traditional publisher takes up to 2 years to get a book to print – first edition or revision. Once an indie author has her manuscript polished, the book could be online in a matter of hours and in print within a few days.

Revising a how-to book: updates for changes to Twitter

Lisa Tener: What’s new? What’s changed?

Cathy Turney: Twitter does not like people to get followers “quickly and easily.” So they killed the apps that did that and which I had recommended in prior editions of the book. Now gathering followers is more organic, as is deleting followers, and this updated edition covers that.

Lisa Tener: Do you still love twitter as much as when you wrote the first edition? Why?

Cathy Turney: Twitter is a very (almost too) robust program. I love the aspects of it that I use, and still believe that it’s the fastest, least expensive, and most productive way to get the word out about what you do or sell. The only thing that works better is paid advertising, but then it’s a matter of does the cost justify the expense?

Advice on cost and marketing for revising a how-to book

Lisa Tener: What did it cost to create a second edition (editing/proofing, design, any fees on amazon, etc.)?

Cathy Turney: I just had a light edit on this and only needed a little tweak to the cover, but my total costs to get it up on Amazon in Kindle and print versions was under $1,500. That was what I paid to do the Amazon uploading and deal with the changes to my author page, book description, etc.

Lisa Tener: Are there marketing advantages to a second edition? What does one need to know when marketing a second edition?

Cathy Turney: Yes, there are advantages! You can keep all the reviews you had for previous editions. That’s why I did it – otherwise I’d be starting from scratch, trying to build a “resume” for a new book. But it’s very tricky getting a revised edition onto Amazon without triggering them to want a new ISBN. We could talk ear-to-ear about that if you want, dear Goddess. Probably not something we’d want to share in an interview.

How to make Twitter work for you Tweet This

Lisa Tener: Anything else you want to add?

Cathy Turney: This book targets two groups: those who want to know how to surf the Twittersphere and read tweets easily and those who want to promote their book or service. And it’s easy to understand – lots of images.

Lisa Tener: Any new advice to newbies on Twitter?

Cathy Turney: For people who are new to Twitter, don’t be afraid! It’s really quite simple if you know the things to look for and do. You do not need to know everything Twitter can do to make it work for you!

In this interview, Cathy Turney shares insights on revising a how-to book.

Author Cathy Turney

About the Author

Cathy Turney is an avowed technophobe who knew that if she didn’t conquer Twitter, it would conquer her. She is also an award-winning humor journalist and recipient of the American Business Awards Gold Stevie for her book Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Success and is managing partner at Better Homes Realty in Walnut Creek, California.

In a previous interview on this website, you can read more about her process of writing the first edition of Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers, how she chose her title, writing tips, and how to use Twitter to promote a book. You can also read about Cathy’s previous book and How to Write Humor for Business Audiences.


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