Jacquelyn Mitchard is the New York Times bestselling author of 25 novels for adults and teenagers. Her first novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, was the inaugural pick for Oprah’s book club. That book alone has sold over 3 million copies and is published in 35 languages.

A Very Inconvenient Scandal by Jacqueline Mitchard book coverI love interviewing Jackie–she always gives such juicy information about her writing process and remarkable insights about writing, reading and life!

I sat down with Jackie to talk about writing her latest novel, A Very Inconvenient Scandal, which Good Morning America chose as one of their must-reads.

In this interview, Jackie uncovers:

  • The most important writing lessons she teaches her students.
  • How she develops the characters in her books.
  • What is required of a good ghostwriter.
  • How she gets unstuck.
  • Secrets for writing bestselling books while raising a large family.

Enjoy the interview and learn the secrets of this bestselling author!


And, in case you missed it, here is my previous interview with NYT bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard, after the publication of The Good Son, one of my favorites of her novels!

4 Responses to NY Times Bestselling Author & Oprah favorite: Jacquelyn Mitchard

  1. Hazel Thomas says:

    Lisa- Is Jacquelyn available to discuss a book idea I have.
    If she could I would love for her to write with me or for me- ghostwriter!

    • Lisa Tener says:

      Hi Hazel, I’ve sent you an email to find out more about your book’s subject and, if a memoir, themes you wish to explore. And I also sent you information on pricing. Just email me back with the info and we can go from there.

  2. Thank you Lisa. My two previous published books are about history, and some people are sending me accolades. But my feeling is that I am not a writer, I just published two books.
    Recently I made a decision to forgo my memoir in favor of researching the biography of my mother-in-law Ruth Emily Betzer Tinney (1906-1995).
    Though the writing is not difficult, I feel that I need coaching to get over myself. I listened to your interview with Jacquelyn Mitchard to discover that her training as a journalist was important. I did on-the-job education and feel that too many students today think the only education is in school. What do you think?
    Harle H Tinney recently posted…Women of Belcourt – Intro – Caroline Slidell Perry

    • Lisa Tener says:

      There are many ways to learn to be a writer. One is taking up writing in college or joining an MFA program. Another is to hire a coach and/or editor. Another is join or start a writing group. Or take independent classes later as an adult. And one of the best ways to become a strong writer is to read! In fact, in my previous interview with Jacquelyn Mitchard, she talks about the importance of reading and the ways reading helped her become an exceptional writer (my word, not hers!). Rather than read purely for pleasure she thinks about what makes a book work and the decisions and devices the author employs. I would be happy to explore coaching or find you the most appropriate coach for your needs. Just email me!

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