Charlotte: I always like to start the interview by asking why you decided to write Guidance to Go: Your Guide to Experiencing Personal Transformation and MiraclesWhat inspired you to write it? Did the inspiration come at a particular moment like the internal message you received from your angels?

bridget engel answers how to write a spiritual self help book

Author and Life Coach Bridget Engel

Bridget: I knew for a couple of years that I was meant to write a book. February 2014 I felt a strong urge to start. I am not a natural writer, so the inspiration came to me from my Angels – they wanted me to share my story.

Charlotte: You speak a bit about your group of Angelites who follow and practice similar guidance. Does this book have a specific target audience, such as for other Angelites or for those who have never heard of Angelites? Did you write the book with that audience in mind?

Bridget: The target audience is women who are on a spiritual path, or who want to be on one. The book is written in such a way that it can provide valuable reminders for a seasoned spiritual person; or someone brand new will be able to understand and apply the concepts and exercises.

Charlotte: What are some of the things you did in your writing to target and engage that audience, such as use a particular voice, vocabulary, structure, etc.?

Bridget: I  wrote from my heart, shared my vulnerability and wrote in a conversational tone. This is how I teach. I believe it creates safety and when we feel relaxed and safe, we absorb information easier.

Charlotte: What effect do you think using your own personal stories within the guidance of the book has on the reader?

Bridget: It opens up a connection. We can all relate to some aspect of the stories. It’s so important for us to know we are not alone, that we truly have help if we are willing to reach out and ask for it, and that miracles absolutely exist. They are not reserved for special people, but are available to each and every one of us.

Charlotte: The book also includes exercises for readers to practice themselves, such as some fill-in-the-blank pages and grounding practices. How did you determine what specific exercises to include for your readers?

Bridget: These are the same exercises that I have used for years that opened me to the spirit realm, along with my clients. They have been tested, and I included them because they work. It’s important to understand that in any area of life where we want to develop a new skill, we need to create daily habits to build a strong foundation. A foundation needs to be created first, but if people apply these exercises they will gain incredible results.

Charlotte: What effect do you think including these exercises has on the reader?

Bridget: They will assist the reader to go beyond their 5 senses and open up to life in a whole new way. It’s a very exciting journey. Imagine your whole life living in a building where you thought there were only 20 floors and then suddenly you discover the elevator goes to 100 floors. The views and experiences you have from that elevation change your perspectives and senses forever.

How to Write a Spiritual Self Help Book

Charlotte: Did you have any exercises you followed in particular when writing your book?

Bridget: Hmmm. I turned to my guidance while writing this book. I was riddled with self doubt and I thought “Really who needs to publish another self help book?” This fear caused me to stop and start for two months. Then on April 27th, I put my foot down to the universe and I said “Bring me someone to help me write this book or I am ditching the project.” That very day, Lisa Tener’s Bring your Book to Life Program popped into my inbox. I signed up and class began on April 29th.

My angels gave me this mantra to help me through the book writing process: “Act as if no one has ever written about this topic and you know exactly what to say.” It infused me with confidence.

Charlotte: You talk in the very beginning of your book about your future self? Can you tell us a little more about that? How did you discover your future self? What steps should one take to discover or become their future self?

Bridget: I discovered my future self in the year 2000 while taking my coaching training. I met her through a guided visualization and I named her Star Light. I am able to access her by going into mediation and asking questions. It’s the wiser, all-knowing part of ourselves. Imagine today if you had the capacity to go back to your 15-year-old self – the advice, wisdom and comfort you could share would be invaluable. This is the same as popping into the future.

Charlotte: You also speak about your Angels and describe the different kinds of Angels we each have. How did you discover each kind and how do you know their specific qualities and “specialties” for guidance?

Bridget: I have been seeing and communicating with Angels since I was a young girl. I could feel the difference between their energies, but it was not until I studied with Doreen Virtue that I learned their names and functions. Doreen Virtue has given an incredible gift to us. Even reading about them in Guidance to Go will elevate your consciousness and make you feel happier.

Charlotte: Did you have to do any research before writing this book or was it more self-guided knowledge on the subject? How did you know when you had enough information about this topic to write it the way you imagined?

Bridget: It was a combination of my expertise from my 14 years of Coaching Training, Angel Training, years of experience with clients and my own daily practices, along with guidance from my Angels.

Charlotte: What are some of the steps you took to get Guidance to Go: Your Guide to Experiencing Personal Transformation and Miracles published? How did you choose this method of publishing?

Bridget: It was clear I was self publishing, and the two big choices are Amazon’s Create Space and Lightening Source. I chose Amazon because their interface is very user-friendly and they have great customer service and a very large reach.

Charlotte: There are a lot of choices writers must make about who to work with on their book, such as publishers, agents, editors, etc. How did you decide who to work with?Engel_3dcov_rev (1)

Bridget: I had a two prong approach. I asked Lisa Tener for referrals – this is how I found Kelly Malone – and I asked my Angels to help me. Right after I asked them, my girlfriend Diana came over and brought her friend Despina, who was an editor. This is how my first draft was edited. It was so easy – she was sitting right in my living room!  I found Marissa through my Angels’ help within minutes of asking. She designed my cover and interior, which I absolutely love. I was very clear with my intentions that anyone who worked on my book had to have a spiritual understanding, be open and have an impeccable work ethic. Yes, we truly get to have what we want.

Charlotte: What advice do you have for writers on choosing who they work with, particularly for publishing a self-help book?

Bridget: Always trust your gut. If it does not feel right, then it’s not right. Don’t be scared to walk away. Ask for referrals, and ask your guidance to help you, then follow it.

Charlotte: Did you encounter any roadblocks during the writing and publishing processes? How did you overcome these? What advice do you have for readers encountering similar roadblocks?

Bridget: Once I committed to Lisa’s program and writing my book, I could not stop. It was a high ticket item, which was motivating because I was not going to waste my money by not following through. I had to be ruthless with eliminating anything that was not a high priority. I finished my fully edited manuscript in 8 months. I recommend making a commitment to yourself and setting time aside each week to write. Though if it’s not flowing, don’t force anything. There was a period after I wrote my first draft when I had to rest my brain and take 3 weeks off to recharge myself. After that 3 weeks, I was unstoppable. Another very valuable tip I used was public declaration. I created an email signature that said “up and coming author.” Everyone kept asking me when they could buy a copy – this kept me motivated.

Charlotte: What are some of the positive results or responses you have received since completing the book?

Bridget: Today is the first day its available and I am very excited to share it with everyone. It’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to hold your book in your hands.

Charlotte: Has writing this book given you a particular insight into your own future self or connection with your angels that you didn’t have before writing it?

Bridget: It has strengthened my connection to a very high level.  I am able to channel through even more energy and messages because of the amount of time over the last eight months that I was connecting in. It was extremely energizing and fulfilling. While I was writing my book, my angels flew in and asked me to create a retreat for women called “Guidance to Go.” They were specific on the dates and location – it had to be in Maui and at the Hyatt Hotel. If we can get out of our own way and cease doubting, the levels of help, creativity and energy available to each and every one of us is boundless.

Charlotte: How can our readers reach you?

Bridget: Through my website or email me at They can also find information on my Guidance to Go retreat.

Bridget Engel, who grew up in the gorgeous land of New Zealand, has always been extremely intuitive. Certified as a Life Coach by the Coaching Training Institute CPCC, Bridget also studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue, the renowned Angel teacher, and became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. She holds a National Diploma in Business N.Z.I.M. 

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