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Debra Reble and Linda Joy

When my long-time friend and colleague, Linda Joy, announced her new division of Inspired Living Publishing—continuing with publishing bestselling anthologies and adding select individual works, she asked me to read the first book and provide a testimonial.

I was so moved by the book, Being Love by Dr. Debra Reble, that I invited Debra and Linda to join me for a lively exploration of the book, Deb’s writing process, this exciting publishing journey and to share the visionary marketing and branding model that sets Inspired Living Publishing’s packages apart from its peers.

Lisa: Debra, what led you to write Being Love?    

Debra:  The concept of Being Love has been germinating within me for my entire life. I have always been drawn to the power of love.

As a young girl, I wrote and recited poetry on the theme of love—a preoccupation which, unfortunately, was not inspired by an abundance of love in my life but rather by a shortage.

Through the transformational work I have done and continue to do, I have opened my heart to love, nurture and heal myself.

A little over four years ago, I packed my suitcase, bought a new journal and began a writing retreat at my friend’s casita in Santa Fe, NM.

On the first morning, I awoke at 4:00am, lit my candle and declared my intention, “I am fully open and ready for whatever the universe has in store for me.” Little did I know at the time, I would begin to write what would become my new book, Being Love…a dream come true.

Since that pivotal October morning in 2012, I have been dedicated to sharing my message of love…that you come to know as I have, that you have the inner power and capacity to love yourself soul-heartedly and that regardless of your circumstances, you can heal your life. By doing so, you can become a love ambassador to others and the world.

Lisa: Debra, there’s a very nurturing, loving tone throughout the book. Did you have a spiritual practice or writing ritual that put you in that space to write from there? You offer many practices in Being Love. Are there specific practices you use as a writer to open to inspiration and flow in your writing process?

being love book coverDebra:  My spiritual practice is my writing practice as one inspires and supports the other. My first spiritual practice of the day is gratitude. Before my feet even touch the ground, I put my hand on my heart and I visualize three things I’m grateful for. This opens my heart to love and energetically sets the tone for my day and writing practice.

Next, I light a candle on my altar in my writing room and set my intentions for the day and for my writing.

Then, I enter the sacred space of meditation by closing my eyes and sitting in silence.

Sitting in silence is one of the most significant rituals of my creative writing process. It opens me to my divine source through I channel what I call my divine downloads.

When I come out of my silent meditation, I often write in my journal to record the spiritual information that comes through me.

Lisa: One of the first principles shared in the book is vulnerability. I imagine in writing Being Love, you also had to open many times to vulnerability. Can you share how you were vulnerable in the writing and how that affected the writing?

Debra:  Over the years, I have realized that opening to my vulnerability is essential as a writer.

While writing Being Love, I saw how my pattern of perfectionism and self-consciousness quickly surfaced.

There were days when fear and self-doubt raised their ugly heads with negative thoughts such as “You’re not good enough to write this book,” or “People aren’t going to read it.”

Looking back, I can see that each time I was harsh with myself, I would suddenly receive a sign from the Universe reminding me that those doubts and fears were not based in my truth…that I am love and that’s more than enough.

I also reminded myself that being vulnerable not only heals me, but heals others by sharing my tender places.

What I’ve come to realize in these vulnerable situations is that all our thoughts, feelings and choices originate in our being of love—even when we write a terrible first draft, feel self-doubt and fear or are afraid to step into our light.

These are the moments I embrace “Deb” with all her flaws, imperfections and vulnerabilities and love her up with self-compassion.

Lisa: Did you find ways of connecting with fellow writers or did you write and edit in solitude? What did you do to find connection while writing?

Debra:  When I first started writing Being Love, I wrote and edited primarily in solitude.

About half-way through the project, I was connected to the Visionary Female Authors, Writers & Messengers private Facebook community, over 1,000 women strong, hosted by my publisher, Linda Joy.

Surrounded by such incredibly supportive women, I found a safe space to share my blogs, articles and short stories and receive loving corrective feedback.

Feeling safe and allowing myself to be vulnerable, I started sharing excerpts from Being Love which opened me to new insights and spiritual information and also the writing process itself.

Many of these visionary female authors have written testimonials for my book and supported my best-seller launch by becoming a launch partner.

Lisa: Community is such a powerful support to writing a book and a great way to test ideas. It’s exciting to be part of the Facebook author community Linda has created and I invite our readers to check it out.

Debra, one of your sub-chapters is on trusting and letting go. How does trust come into the writing process and how do you embrace it?

Debra:  Trust is one of the foundational principles of my life as well as in my writing process. I unequivocally trust the divine downloads I receive whether it’s an intuition, an idea or a vision that inspires my writing or guides a life choice.

Trusting myself and letting go is key in helping me release whatever emotional blocks come up during the writing process such as fear, insecurity and shame. And they do come up even when I least expect them.

Trusting myself to write from my heart and soul takes a conscious connection to my divine source.

Lisa: Who would benefit from this transformational book?

Debra:  The spiritual principles and practices presented in Being Love underlie those I teach my clients and incorporate into my everyday life; they will take you, step-by-step to an expanded perspective and practice of love.

Lisa: Which is your favorite chapter from Being Love and why?

Debra:  My favorite chapter is Chapter One: Embracing Our Vulnerability. For me, this is the portal to self-love.

In this chapter, I reveal my deepest darkest moments of the soul and share how I moved from lovelessness to self-love. I show you the love practices I used and still practice today for my own personal transformation.

Lisa: Debra, did you have a vision about publishing from the beginning or did you just write the book and figure you would decide about publishing later?

Debra:  Like any intention I set, it’s usually “cart before horse.” In 2012, I co-created Being Love with my divine source by setting my intention that my book would be published by a spiritually oriented, heart-centered publisher who would align with the energy and message of the book.

I had self-published my first book, Soul-Hearted Partnership: Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion and Intimacy  in 2009 and though it won multiple awards, it didn’t reach the audience I envisioned or bring my brand and message the exposure I desired.

I trusted that this person [the right publisher] would show up in my life in divine timing. It was important for me to start writing the book knowing that I was getting my message out into the world.

After I finished several drafts of the book, I fully intended to self-publish in the spring of 2015.

In January 2015, I held a private call with Linda Joy, who was my publisher on several collaborative books I had worked on. During that call, I heard the whisper of spirit, “Linda is the person to publish your book.”

Unbeknownst to me, Linda simultaneously had the same information come to her through a divine download months before but had kept it in her heart.

With Linda’s love, attention and powerful multimedia platform Being Love was an International Best-seller in multiple categories within hours of its May 24th release and the buzz continues to amaze and delight me.


Lisa: Debra, what are some of the most important benefits you have experienced working with Inspired Living Publishing?

Debra: There are so many benefits of  working with Inspired Living Publishing and with Linda.

A big one for me, due to my previous self-publishing experience, is the exposure included in their marketing packages that put me in front of my ideal audience/reader across multiple platforms that. Suddenly, my book and I were everywhere.

I was also drawn to Linda Joy’s proven feminine collaborative marketing model. I’ve watched her grow all her brands by focusing on  serving, relationships and collaboration. Her heart-centered style resonated with me on many levels and I wanted Being Love to be birthed with that energy.

From start to finish I felt as if ‘my baby’ was her baby too!  I’ve told Linda many times that she was the midwife to Being Love. The entire Inspired Living Publishing team embraced my book and nurtured it through the process.

The entire experience was beyond what I expected or envisioned.

Debra: One thing I love about Linda and Inspired Living Publishing is that it’s not ‘just’ about the publishing of a book, it’s about creating a relationship with your readers.

Lisa: Any specific results so far?

Debra: Radio, podcast and blogging invitations continue to come in because Inspired Living Publishing’s high profile platform keeps me in front of  readers.

Lisa, I could keep on going but I’ll stop here. Let me end by saying that Inspired Living Publishing’s publishing, media and marketing packages are the best investment I’ve made in my business.

If a female author has a book and message that speak to women on the path of self-discovery and personal development I highly recommend Inspired Living Publishing’s publishing and marketing services.

Lisa: Debra, any advice for our readers as they move forward in writing their personal and spiritual development books and getting published?

Debra:  Don’t ever give up on writing and publishing your personal and spiritual development books. Trust in yourself, your divine connection and your own spiritual journey and how it’s unfolding for you.

I started writing in the 1990’s but didn’t self-publish my first book, Soul-Hearted Partnership until 2009. My writing grew leaps and bounds when I began working with Inspired Living Publishing and learned its Authentic StorytellingTM model.

My guidance on publishing would be to check out all of your publishing options, including Inspired Living Publishing’s new division.  It’s a powerful opportunity to bring your book to the world with a bang and be fully supported while doing so.

Lisa: Linda, can you share some of the things that Inspired Living Publishing (ILP) has done for Debra that are different or deeper than most hybrid publishing companies? ­­

Linda: Each aspect of Debra’s customized publishing and marketing packages were designed to bring her in front of her ideal audience in a way that would attract HER ideal audience to her and support her in creating a strong brand presence.

Debra took advantage of our publishing package as well as all of our a la carte marketing and media offerings because she was whole-heartedly committed to getting her message in front of those she is called to serve.

ILP handled the entire publishing process including cover design and layout, as well as the book launch (including the design of the website, partner invitations and overseeing the entire launch), testimonial requests, editing services and more.

Lisa: That was big—that you got endorsements from many revered bestselling authors who resonate with Deb’s audience. I think that helped tremendously.

deb on aspire magazine cover

Here’s Deb on the cover of Aspire Magazine. Note that the colors even match Deb’s brand and the book cover!

Linda: Yes. And Debra chose a powerful marketing campaign including the cover feature of Aspire Magazine, powerful graphics package, banner advertising, full page ads in Aspire Magazine, radio commercials and guest appearance on Inspired Conversations and media outreach which landed her a four page feature in #OmTimes Magazine and the list goes on.

Unlike many hybrid publishing companies, at Inspired Living Publishing we do not JUST publish our author’s books and put them on Amazon and our publishing house website and call it a day!

Our authors have the option to take advantage of a variety of a la carte high-visibility marketing and media packages to shine a spotlight on their book and brand across multiple platforms in front of their IDEAL AUDIENCE—over 44,000 subscribers and 24,000 social media followers.

Lisa: This sounds similar to the marketing services you’ve been offering your private clients for years—one reason you have such a loyal group of clients.

Linda: Yes, it’s the same authentic marketing model I’ve used personally to grow all my brands and the proven model I’ve used to create eight best-selling books and serve over 180 visionary female authors.

Lisa: Wow, those are big numbers!

Linda: Inspired Living Publishing’s authors benefit from my experience as well as my thriving audience platform.  I’ve spent the last ten years (through Aspire Magazine and my other media brands) attracting and growing a thriving community of women interested in personal and spiritual development, self-empowerment, health & wellness, success mindset, conscious business and natural living.

My loyal audience has come to love, respect and turn to my brands for content and resources that support them in living their best lives—personally and professionally.

Lisa: One lesson I would like my readers to take away from this is the power of being really clear about who your readers—your market or audience—are and what your brand represents. I think that clarity and authenticity are such a big part of your success and the success you’ve been able to share with your author clients.

Can you share a bit about your decision to publish individual authors and how it fits in with your brand and vision?

Linda: Lisa, it was a natural progression for me and my company.  It’s was a combination of insights from my work with authors, private clients, industry leaders and listening to my loyal audience. Those conversations led to the seed being planted.

cover of midlife transformation bookSince 2010, through Inspired Living Publishing’s sacred anthology division, I have worked with close to two hundred heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and health practitioners who took advantage of our high visibility publishing and marketing packages that are a part of our collaborative books. In fact we are accepting applications now for our sixth anthology, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Love, Life, Health & Success.  

For over four years I’ve been working privately with many high-profile marketing clients in the same fields mentioned above to bring their brand and message out of the shadows through my high-visibility media platforms and marketing packages. The large majority of my clients renew year after year due to the exceptional list-building and enhanced visibility they receive.

As Debra mentioned, I also have a thriving private Facebook community serving visionary female authors, writers and messengers.

My love for global loyal audience guides my decisions. I feel honored to be of service to them, so it’s important to me that everything I bring in front of them is in alignment with what they’ve come to expect from me.

Aspire Magazine, our books and the content shared through all of my media brands have become go-to trusted resources for women interested in personal and spiritual development and I’m very tuned into what they are yearning for.

Here’s what I heard over and over again from women like Debra. They wanted to make an impact with their message. They wanted to be seen for the experts that they are.

They knew that they were called to write a book to transform lives but were left feeling frustrated by their inability to get media and marketing exposure it needed to make that impact.

I knew that my proven best-seller model and my powerful media platform were the missing piece they were looking for and what they needed. I was heading in this new direction, but it wasn’t until Being Love serendipitously landed in my hands last year that I knew I had to do it NOW.

I was so deeply touched and moved by the powerful message and proven practices that Debra shared in her book that I received an instant ‘knowing’ that her  book would be the first book to launch my division.

Sometimes the Divine has bigger plans for us than we can see for ourselves.

Lisa: It’s exciting to see how you are bringing in that marketing piece. It’s what many authors yearn for and—many times erroneously—expect a publishing house will deliver. You are actually delivering! Linda, I imagine choosing the books you will be publishing is a very big decision. What are you looking for?

Linda: We want to publish and promote books by visionary female authors whose messages are aligned with our philosophy of authenticity, empowerment and personal transformation.  This includes nonfiction works in personal development, personal transformation, self-improvement, relationships, new age thought, wellness and feminine empowerment.

We’ll also consider memoir, but only if it aims to empower and instruct the reader and is presented in alignment with our Authentic Storytelling ModelTM. We do not, at this time, accept works of fiction, humor, poetry, cookbooks, diet books, humor or academic nonfiction.

About Dr. Debra Reble

Consciously merging her practical tools as a psychologist with her intuitive and spiritual gifts,   empowers women to connect with their hearts and live authentically through her transformational Soul-Hearted LivingTM program.

Debra is the International Best-selling Author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World and the author of Soul-Hearted Partnership, as well as the contributing author to multiple best-selling books.

Debra’s popular inspirational podcast, Soul-Hearted Living, airs on iTunes and other platforms and is dedicated to reconnecting women with their hearts.

About Linda Joy

Eight time Best-selling Publisher and Radio Show Host, Linda Joy is one of today’s premier voices in women’s inspirational publishing. Her numerous heart-centered multimedia brands serve over 44,000 women who embrace her message of love, inspiration, feminine wisdom and self-empowerment.

Linda is the publisher of Aspire Magazine, the premier inspirational magazine for women host of the Inspired Conversations radio show on the #OMTimes network, host of the Inspired Living Giveaway and the founder and publisher behind Inspired Living Publishing.

To receive VIP notice when Inspired Living Publishing’s announces that it is accepting manuscripts for consideration please register here.


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  1. Debra Reble says:

    Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to share my writing and publishing journey with my friend and publisher Linda Joy of Inspired Living Publishing. Aligned in our heartfelt intention to bring my message of love into the world, we co-created a positive experience that not only served our needs but many other authors and readers who benefited as well. I’m deeply grateful for the this amazing publishing experience and the divine timing that brought it all together. Blessings…
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